ANCOP is an acronym for ANSWERING  the  CRY OF the POOR

ANCOP is Couples For Christ’s expanded work with the poor. Christ, proclaimed in word and action, is the center and the mover of our work with the poor. Our commitment to love the poor flows out of our love of God and neighbor, and Christ’s great love for the poor.

CFC proclaimed that ANCOP, “at the heart of the work, is the heart of Jesus”. It allows various expressions of the work with the poor. It is moved by the Holy Spirit. Even as we offer our best time, talents, treasures and plans to God, we obey and allow His Holy Spirit to dictate the pace, determine the size, and bless the fruits of the work.

CFC’s ANCOP is one with the Church. This means helping out in the parishes, and proactively engaging the Bishops and Clergy in our common mission.

Our mission is to answer the cry of the poor through child education, community development, and humanitarian relief.

CFC’s ANCOP is a duly registered Canadian charity as ANCOP International Canada, Inc. dedicated to uplift the lives of poor families in developing countries such as the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia with several countries in Africa including Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda and the Americas particularly in Canada and Jamaica. Guided by the Holy Spirit, with your help and that of dedicated volunteers we are able to bring glad tidings in economic, social and mental dimensions to individuals and families. Eventually, transforming not only their lives but that of the whole communities. CFC’s ANCOP shall give special attention to children and help them develop wholistically to be grounded by Christian values, healthy, competent and responsible citizens of the future.

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