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REGISTRATION of the 2024 CFC Canada Western Conference is now OPEN!
PLEASE CLICK LINK to REGISTER : https://bit.ly/CFCCanadaWestConf2024
Please Contact your Area Conference Coordinators for Details:
GVA North : Bro. Serge/Sis. Jing Apil , GVA South : Bro. Rey/Sis. Lina Ople , VICTORIA :Bro. Abet Valentin
CALGARY : Bro. Orly/Sis. Arlene Alcantara , FORTMC MURRAY : Bro. Trevor/Sis. Lia Bedard
EDMONTON : Cluster 1 (South 1, 2, 3 ) Bro. Nhel/Sis. Lynn Bacani and Cluster 2 (N W Chapters ) Bro. Narcing/Sis. Cely Silla

CFC 2023 Theme "RISE, PICK UP YOUR MAT and GO"


1. FAMILY is A GIFT Program (FIG) – a program that strengthens the family through promoting family Christian values and the CFC Lifestyle.


2. Young Couples Program (YCP) – a program that helps CFC young couples on their 1st to 15th year of marriage. Assist and for them throughout their adjustment period as husband and wife and as parents.


3. Seniors Program (SP) – a program for CFC members/couples ages 60 and above who are not in CFC active service positions.


Couples of Christ
Edmonton, Canada

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Monday – Friday
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